LabMart Manufacturer: Sonicor

LabMart Manufacturer Sonicor

Ultrasonic Cleaners

History of Sonicor:

Sonicor Incorporated is an established manufacturer of advanced ultrasonic cleaner systems, vapor degreasing equipment, and automated parts handling systems. Our company has enjoyed steady growth since its inception in 1966, while supplying quality products to its target markets of metal stamping, surface finishing, and jewelry manufacturing. Furthermore, we’ve made successful entry into several niche markets with our ultrasonic cleaner products. These have assisted with cleaning anilox rolls for the flexographic printing industry, as well as venetian blinds.


For nearly 50 years, our commitment to quality ultrasonic cleaner products and customer service has earned us the trust and loyalty of thousands of satisfied customers worldwide. Sonicor’s precision ultrasonic cleaner systems have successfully addressed the critical cleaning requirements of leading companies in virtually every industry. This wealth of experience has provided our application and engineering staff members with the unique qualifications to meet the needs of our customers, as ultrasonic cleaner requirements become increasingly critical.