LabMart Manufacturer: Nalgene - ThermoFisher

LabMart Manufacturer Nalgene - ThermoFisher

Plasticware, Filtration and Tissue Culture

Nalgene Labware

Not all labware is created equal

Set the standard for quality and superior performance, while protecting your valuable research with Thermo Scientific™ Nalgene™ labware and bottles. Less likely to break or shatter than glass, Nalgene containers and plastic labware make your lab a safer place while protecting your valuable work.

Featured Thermo Scientific Nalgene Labware categories

Laboratory Plastics and Supplies

Durable, break-resistant, lightweight, and just the right fit for your lab. Includes bottles, carboys, beakers, centrifuge tubes, funnels, jugs, jars, and hundreds of additional products to assist you in your research.

Bioprocessing Containers

Our bioprocessing products are reliable and high quality for mixing, collecting, or storing your BioProduction products such as media, reagents, bulk vaccines, or active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs). Our portfolio includes production bottles and carboys, media bottles, culture vessels, centrifuge bottles, tanks, and tubing.


Optimized for sterility and safety in both research and QC testing processes. Includes filter units, filter membranes, bottle top filters, filter storage bottles, filter holders, syringe filters, and additional accessories.

Bottles and Accessories

Bottles for diagnostics, biologicals, veterinary pharmaceuticals, specialty chemicals, reagents, and adhesives. Includes bulk pack laboratory and packaging bottles, specialty bottles, serum vials, and micro packaging vials.


Our cryogenic storage tubes and accessories are designed as a system to protect and organize your valuable, irreplaceable samples. Whether you're storing hundreds of samples or millions, we have you covered.