LabMart Manufacturer: Jenco Instruments

LabMart Manufacturer Jenco Instruments


Microscopes for Research, Clinics and Classrooms

Excellent quality with reliability you can trust, Jenco International, Inc. is a small business manufacturing microscopes in Portland, OR USA for over 15 years.

Jenco delivers outstanding clarity from high end optics and illumination at an Affordable price

Our only business is microscope manufacturing and our platform includes three main product groups:

  • Upright Compound
  • Inverted Compound
  • Stereo or Dissecting

All with a versatile, modular design allowing installation of multiple techniques at any time

All metal and glass components will last beyond our 5 Year Warranty and our designs enhance comfort for you, our customers and prospects.

Jenco utilizes a select network of authorized distributors, global and domestic, to sell and support our microscopes and accessories