LabMart Manufacturer: Excel Scientific

LabMart Manufacturer Excel Scientific

Plate Sealing Films and PLastic Disposables

World's Leading Manufacturer of Microplate Sealing Films and Foils for Laboratories

"Committed to Exceeding Expectations" It's true. Our team has but one goal: "To provide High-Performance microplate sealing films and reagent-handling products backed by the best customer service!" New Performance Products: ThermalSeal RT2RR™ Real-Time PCR Sealing Film for Raised-Rim Plates AlumaSeal 96™ and AlumaSeal 384™ Sealing Films SealPlate® ColorTabs™ Sealing Film EZ-Pierce™ Zone-Free™ Sealing Films ThermalSeal RT™ Sealing Film

"Ahead of the competition, on the track and on the job"