LabMart Manufacturer: DragonMed, LLC

LabMart Manufacturer DragonMed, LLC

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Company Profile

Dragon Laboratory Instruments Limited, founded in 1992, has established its factory in China’s capital Beijing. We are professional manufacturer of high quality laboratory instruments for research. The company is dedicated to developing and manufacturing general laboratory instruments, offering researchers unmatched performance and proven value.

All DLAB instruments are designed and manufactured in accordance with ISO9001/13485.Our goal is to be one-stop supplier of wide range general laboratory devices &instruments, aiming to cover the chemical, biological, clinical diagnostic labs. Our technical experts ensure that we provide data supported timely and effectively. Through our dedicated and experienced R&D team and sourcing capability, we have the confidence to provide you with the most cost-effective and timely solutions. We bring comfort, accuracy and convenience to our customers, so they can efficiently conduct their experiments and enjoy their research process at the same time.
OEM&ODM are available on request. We are experienced in developing and providing customized instruments to suit all OEM applications. We are partners with many prestigious companies throughout the world.

Our new plant building has been completed in Nov. of 2014, the first total area is over 18K square meters.