LabMart Manufacturer: Cargille-Sacher Laboratories Inc.

LabMart Manufacturer Cargille-Sacher Laboratories Inc.

Cargille Labs (LPA Member)*

Cargille Labs is proud to present its new line of Sub-Lux Gels. These profoundly black gels are designed to eliminate back reflection when paired with glasses of similar refractive index.

Please contact us for the latest copies of product MSDS.

Cargille Labs Certified Water for refractive index that can be used as a NIST Traceable liquid to 0 out your Brix refractometers.

Cargille Labs release of our Multi Temperature Calibration Liquid. This liquid has been read at temperatures ranging from 20 to 70 °C.

Cargille Labs release of Acrylic matching liquid. This liquid matches both the refractive index and refractive dispersion of Acrylic ( PMMA ).

Cargille Labs release of Optical Gel nD = 1.52. Designed to offer a close match to BK-7 and other materials with a close refractive index.

Cargille has started work on optical gels with various refractive indices.