LabMart Manufacturer: Yamato Scientific America

LabMart Manufacturer Yamato Scientific America

Baths, Evaporators, Balances

Yamato Scientific Co., Ltd., was established in 1889 by Mr. Sosuke Morikawa as a trading company. Milestones include the invention of the first X-ray tube in Japan in 1915, broadening the business to the scientific community by manufacturing various glassware products, followed by development, manufacture, and distribution of R&D-related scientific equipment which represents the foundation of our current business.

Our founder's original ideology still continues after 100 years; “Yamato believes that science has the power to improve people's lives and the environment in which we live. Further, our company has a mission to provide innovative and cutting-edge technology that contributes to the development of scientific breakthroughs." This year, 2014, Yamato Scientific is celebrating its 125th anniversary.