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WHATMAN FILTER CIRCLES: Quant Ashless Grade 40:8µm

Catalog Number: M101945

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WHATMAN FILTER PAPER CIRCLES: Quantative Ashless Grade 40:8µm
• Ashless: 0.007% ash maximum
• very pure filters ideal for a wide range of critical analytical filtration procedures
• The classic general purpose ashless filter paper with medium speed and retention
• Typical applications include gravimetric analysis for numerous components in cements, clays, iron and steel products; as a primary filter for separating solid matter from aqueous extracts in general soil analysis, quantitative determination of sediments in milk and as a pure analytical grade clean-up filter for solutions prior to AA spectro-photometry
• Used also as a high purity filter in the collection of trace elements and radionuclides from the atmosphere

• Ashless Quantitive: Produced under carefully controlled conditions which ensure low ash levels of 0.01%. Ideal for the widest range of critical analytical filtration operations. Grade 40's applications include gravimetric analysis, filtration of solutions prior to atomic absorption spectrophotometry and monitoring air pollution. Grade 41 is for analytical procedures involving large particles for gelatinous precipitates such as iron or aluminum hydroxides. Grade 42's typical analytical precipitates include barium sulphate, metastannic acid and finely precipitated calcium carbonate.